There is a very easy answer to that question, no one is exactly sure. There have been many different versions of the game ranging from Hurling in Ireland and Bandy in Canada. It is the second largest team sport played next to football which it closely resembles in terms of rules. Like football it has the same rules for offside, free hits and flows in very much the same way and it is a non-contact sport. There is a reason for that, it grew in part out of football clubs. One thing that is certain is if teams want to get good at it they need to watch Hockey Drill Videos by What are the origins of this great game?

The origin is not clear. As mentioned before there are many versions of the game that were being played even in ancient times. For example, there is clear evidence from pictorial stone tablets from Ancient Egypt of people playing with a J shaped stick. As this is from four thousand years ago we can safely say that its origins are certain based in antiquity. An example of this is a version, albeit about three thousand years later in Ireland. That is the game of Hurling which still enjoys considerable popularity today in Ireland. There is also a substantial link to the game of Lacrosse and different version such as Ice Hockey. One example of this is that originally the game of Field Hockey was played with a rubber cube, a bit like a puck. as opposed to a round hard ball.

In Britain the game is recorded to have been played, for some reason that is not documented, by the aristocracy and the members of the clergy in the middle ages. We have no idea what the score was or who won but what is clear is that it was a spectacle that the lower classes could watch but not actually partake in. The game became part of the public-school system in the middle of the eighteenth century and was taught in schools throughout until it was picked up by adults as game that could be played by both men and women. However, the real key to the development of the modern game was that the lads from the Middlesex Cricket club couldn’t bring themselves to play rugby or football during the winter months. They took the game that was played in schools and began to develop some rules. Slowly teams were formed in the country but the first is cited as Blackheath in South east London. Teddington Hockey club hold the accolade of developing the real first set of rules that we would recognise today as they were the ones who changed from a cube to a ball and introduced shooting circles.

The game has grown to have a huge international following, due mostly in part to the British Empire’s upper classes taking the game abroad with them. An example of this is how the game is now the national sport of Pakistan.


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