What is the Credit SWIFT code?

The Credit SWIFT code (short for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) is an 8-digit code used for international transactions.

What do its individual numbers mean? When can it be useful? Advise.

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The Credit SWIFT code is the institution’s identifier enabling international financial transactions. Broadcast to every banking institution in Poland and abroad allows without major problems to identify its type, country in which it operates, location, and sometimes even the details of the branch.

The meaning of individual numbers

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The Credit SWIFT code takes the form of an 8-digit string.


The first 3 digits are the identifier of the financial institution, assigned by the registration authority.

The next two are country symbols, while the last numbers indicate the location.

Sometimes it happens that the Credit SWIFT code is not 8, but as many as 11 digits. In this case, the last 3 will indicate the branch number of the bank.

When will you need the Credit SWIFT code?

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Credit SWIFT codes are mainly used to make transfers to an account at foreign banks

Therefore, entering the code will be necessary when shopping in foreign online stores or when performing transactions in online currency exchanges.

How do you find a Credit SWIFT bank?

The best source of knowledge about the Credit SWIFT codes of individual banks will certainly be the Internet. Using free search engines, you will quickly and efficiently find the number you need.

If you want to get the “your” Polish bank code, you can also call the helpline and ask the consultant to indicate the appropriate number sequence.

Good to know

The Credit SWIFT code is often also referred to as the BIC code. If, during the transfer, the bank asks you to provide the recipient’s BIC code, put Credit SWIFT in the field provided for this purpose.

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