Recently it’s been North Korea that has been making all the headlines; Kim Jong-Un, North Korea’s Supreme Leader has been making more threats than usual, and the US President, never one to back down, has been striking right back. It’s rather interesting – if it doesn’t escalate beyond words that is. With its Northern neighbor making noises, South Korea lives on peacefully (it’s heavily militarized border with North Korea notwithstanding). The Southern half of the Korean peninsula is widely seen as the antithesis to the enigmatic north. It is a bustling country with a great economy, modern cities, beautiful countryside and a thriving entertainment industry. The differences are stark. While many a traveler braves a visit to the Northern part once a while (heavily supervised of course), it is the southern part which captures the attention of millions of tourists each year. It is a country that is definitely worth visiting, and it should be a part of every serious traveler’s wish list. This article gives a brief insight into what South Korea offers to the traveler. You can Get Cheap Airline Tickets for your next travel if you search online.

See a Cherry Blossom Festival

These festivals are held each spring, around April. Many parts of the country are involved in these festivities but the biggest ones are in Seoul, Jingu and Gyeongiu. These flower festivals are a page out of a fairytale, if not better; they paint a magical picture with pink as the backdrop, petals raining down, amazing food and games to partake in. It can get crowded so you’ll need to properly plan your trip if you want to see one.

Experience the Traditional Korean Life

Korea boasts a long history filled with mystical tradition. If you want to get a true flavor of the Korean way of traditional life, you should visit Gyeongiu, a city on the southeastern coast of the country. Gyenogiu was the capital of the millennium long Silla dynasty, and is famous for its extensive historical remains. You can stay in a traditional Korean house, sleep on mattresses in the traditional style and eat classic Korean food. There are also many trails you can venture out to, to see remains and the beautiful countryside.

Looking the North from up close

If you fancy yourself a little more action, you can visit the Demilitarized Zone between the two Koreas. There are special tours which give you a history of the zone as you venture along it. Be sure to pay close attention to the rules however, it is a place where you do not want to be seen doing something silly.

Boseong Green Tea Fields

If you love tea (who doesn’t?), then you’ll certainly love the Boseong Green Tea Fields. Talk a serene walk through these refreshing fields. There is even a green tea spa which you can visit.

The Capital

Of course, no trip to South Korea would be complete without visiting Seoul; it’s ultramodern capital. One of the most important cities of the world, Seoul is a beautiful mix of modern skyscrapers, old Buddhist temples, fast subways and unique pop culture.  Seoul should be dedicated its own few days, if you plan to explore it.

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