Unconventional Therapy technique

Radiotherapy and radiology are two fields where radioactive rays are used in a proper way to treat a particular disease that are not curable with normal or traditional medicine. Traditional medicine and surgery can treat up to a lot of diseases with good precision. However some of the diseases are too much different to be treated by traditional medications. This type of diseases needs a different way to get treated that is an unconventional mode of treatment is required. Doctors and the researchers are constantly searching for this unconventional mode of replication. Gene therapy, pre-natal therapy, targeted radiotherapy etc. are slowly blossoming due to constant research of the medical practitioner and the scientists. They have also given sufficient positive result to specific diseases to be believed in their potential to be the most important disease for the complete cure of those particular diseases. Radiotherapy is one of the effective therapy where radio isotopes are used for the treatment for particular diseases but under proper drug dose as over dose of the drug can be fatal to the human being who is getting treated.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging is an extensive imaging technique that uses an extremely powerful magnetic field, of the radio waves to provide a good picture of the inside part of the body where any problem has been found. It is very much non-invasive medical diagnostic cell used to detect different medical condition. It is a very safe technique without any pain and is very quick to detect the problem too. It is very safe for the detection in pregnant woman as it does not do any harm to the pregnant mother and in also to the baby. The images given the MRI is of very high resolution degree that allows the physicians to evaluate properly for the detection of particular diseases. Images are given on the computer which acts as the output system that gets transmitted from the transmitter from the actual system. They are stored in hard or soft copy for future use. The structure of the MRI scanner looks like a big circular magnet inside of which there is a bed for the patients to get laid, from this magnet a strong magnetic field is created that are able to align the protons which gives us beams of radio waves. The magnetic field causes the ions of the body to stir, which creates a faint signal that is received by the MRI scanner.

Mumbai the medical hub

Mumbai being one of the medical hub in India treatment facility is very much advanced over there. We can find the best MRI center in Mumbai in many hospitals and diagnostic clinics assisted expert doctors as well as technicians.

Problems with MRI

  • Patients those are having metal implants as well as pacemakers or any of the metallic chip or some other material surrounding the region of the eye are not suggested to undergo MRI because the magnetic effect can cause a lot of problems.
  • Patients suffering from claustrophobia is also not suggested to undergo MRI scanning.

Centers providing MRI facility

Open MRI centers in Mumbai offers the facility of MRI in the best possible way. And thus making it available to all the common folks.


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