There is not any surprise that Facebook has become the most popular social media platform which is being used by more than 11 percent of the world’s population. Every month, more than 2 billion messages are communicated through Facebook while around 17 billion photos are sent via the app. The social media app has turned out to be the most adored app among teens and younger adults. Simultaneously, the social networking platform is also being used by the evil minds, child predators, cyber-bullies, sex offenders, pedophiles, catfishers, scammers, hackers and many other online criminals. As teens and tweens are dedicating more and more time to Facebook and other social media apps, they are more likely to become the victim of crooks in the online world.

Your teen girls might be receiving harassment messages from the predator or your boy might be being bullied by someone on Facebook. Many kids do not inform parents about their bad experiences on social media and mobile phone because they fear they would lose their privileges. Majority of the post-millennial children thinks that their parents won’t understand them and this is because they do not share their issues with parents or older siblings. It makes them face even more severe consequences which can even be a suicide attempt or something more hilarious.

Fortunately, there are several monitoring applications that are particularly intended for parents to monitor the digital behavior of children and track their mobile phones. You can monitor and record almost all online activities of your children and be aware of the bad experiences your kids have on Facebook and other social media apps.

Parents’ Concerns about Facebook

Facebook, which was started as an entertainment tool has turned out to be an insecure social media app for teens and tweens. The platform is being used by every age group. The user anonymity and absence of age-verification system make this social media app a secure platform for predators, bullies, pedophiles, catfishers and scammers. The media platform is being used by the child molesters who find out their target on Facebook gather information about the target from the same platform.access them and groom them for sexual abuse. Many Facebook users have experienced cyber-bullying on the socializing site. Many have lost their lives and many have committed suicide after suffering from bullying, predation and sex abuse.

How to monitor Facebook Chat on Android

If you think that you need to steal the username and password of your kid’s Facebook account to monitor his chat, think again because you do not need it. You can read the Facebook conversation of your children without accessing their phones and Facebook accounts. All you need to do is to install android spy app on their Android phones, and the rest will be done by the app.

The cell phone spy apps like TheOneSpy allows spying on the messages exchanged via social networking apps including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Skype, Tinder, WhatsApp, Line, Telegram and Kik. After installation on the targeted Android phone, the app gets access to the text messages and instant messages received and transmitted via Facebook and other media apps. These messages are then uploaded to an online account of the spy app. Parents can log into that account and read all the messages there from anywhere and anytime. Even the messages deleted from the target phone remain visible on the online account. It means you can read all of the deleted Facebook conversations of your children.

How Android Spy App Safeguard Teens from Facebook Dangers

The mobile monitoring app enables parents to closely watch out the online activities of their children to safeguard them from the threats in the online world. It lets you see what your kids are posting online; what messages they are receiving and transmitting; what photos and videos they are sharing on Facebook; whom they are in contact with; who are following them and whom they are following. The spy app helps you be aware of the dangers before time so you can be ready to protect your kids from that dangers and prepare them to combat such threats. For instance, if your kid is being bullied by someone on Facebook, you can read the bullying messages and can see the bullying posts and comments. Knowing all these things enables you to support your kid and guide her about how she should deal with the bullies.

The Bottom Line

The Android phone monitoring app helps parents to be acquainted with the Facebook chats of their children and safeguard them from pedophiles, child molesters, catfishers, sex offenders and scoundrels prevailing on the social media platforms. As well as monitoring, educating your kids about the online dangers and helping them learn the secure and responsible use of social media and internet is of great importance.

Abigail Emma is a writer, Journalist Social media activist  & Freelancer Technology Writer. Currently she is affiliated with TheOneSpy android spy app. To know more about her, follow her on Twitter @aemma9203


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