This widely and hugely popular dish has its origin in Tibet, in fact the name hails from a informal form, the original Tibetan word is “mog mog”, some say that it has a Chinese origin where the word “momo” means bread in steamed form. Gradually it became very popular in Nepal. This steamed or fried delight as a traditional culture of the community called Newar which incidentally are the inhabitants in Nepal from an ancient time. This cuisine in the form of stuffed dumplings is the most travelled of cuisine in to world food culture quite conveniently.

The stupendous taste

Sensing the popularity of this cuisine, some restaurants in Manipur are serving it. Compared to other places it is Shillong where you get varieties of this dish in traditional taste. Here in fact the Chinese community has introduced it along with other Chinese food. The dumplings are stuffed with chicken, fish, meat, pork or vegetable mixtures and the supporting soup is just stupendous. In Kolkata, itself it is the most sought after fast food after the Chinese dishes. Very surprisingly in Sikkim, this dish has knocked out the traditional dish.

The passage of culinary practices

It is very popular in Bhutan and in Tibet it is the unofficial national delicacy, the delicious flavour of this dish depends on what types of ingredients are used and some chefs are of that opinion that the preparation process of the dough is very significant. Over the years this dish has evolved in different forms and has penetrated to the food culture in many countries. With relation to momos recipe in hindi, it is noticed that the culinary practices and habits are passed on from one culture to another; this particular dish is a perfect example of such phenomena. The first street side stall came up in 1942, later on the demand in the Tibetan refugee camp resulted in an overall popularity.

The recognition

In the various restaurants across the world the chefs have added their own ideas to make this dish available in different taste and flavour. The flourishing legacy of this dish has travelled across the world very smoothly. Some have such creative idea that the taste and flavour of this particular dish can turn a foe to a friend. This dish has earned number of awards from respective authority for its popularity and the amount of business it can generate. In various parts of the world for example this form of this dish is equally popular and there is the definite scope for the chefs to utilize the vegetables according to the season.

A delight to remember

 In India, both the steamed and the fried forms are popular specially the former one. It is a must have dish for the students all over India and they really relish this delicacy in their recess or leisure time. It has not only become a part in all types of non-Chinese restaurants in India but also it has invaded the domestic sphere with all its elegance.


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