Do banks give loans to young Poles without an employment contract?

The mortgage is mathematics – the numbers must match. In banking, the most important ones make up banking scoring.

When you report to the bank with the documents required to make a credit decision and wait for your application to be processed, bank analysts check that your income and expenses will allow you to repay the loan installment.

These calculations are based on specific formulas, there is no individual approach or better or worse treatment. Your age, income, any obligations, your own contribution and the form of employment are important.

All these parameters are subject to valuation, and the higher the number of points, the greater the chance for a loan.

Loans for young people – how to get a loan for an apartment?


If you are young, you do not have long work experience, you have not managed to accumulate an impressive own contribution, and in addition, the employer has offered you a commission or work contract, do not give up. There are banks where you can apply for a young mortgage.

Of course, the path to your own M for people taking loans for young people will be a bit more difficult, because you will have to prove at the bank that you will be able to pay the installments.

You must know that each form of employment is assessed slightly differently by banks. Other criteria also apply – e.g. for an employment contract, the minimum length of service is often 3 months. In the case of business, it is often a year or even two years.

Fixed-term employment contract


Contract for specific work, mandate contract, own business or finally a fixed-term employment contract – all these forms of employment are rated slightly worse than an indefinite employment contract.

In the case of such contracts, banks most often underestimate creditworthiness, taking into account 80% and sometimes 50%. actual net income.

Therefore, if you apply for a loan for an apartment for young people, but you earn on the basis of a less attractive contract for the bank, make sure that the length of service on such a contract is long enough. An optimal period of work is considered to be a minimum of 2 years.

Also, remember that your salary should be credited to your account and confirmed by the invoice.

If your main source of income is not stable, think about additional, stable income. For example, if you work mainly in the summer season because, for example, you run a guest house with your family, think about employment in autumn and winter.

Creditworthiness and credit for young people

Creditworthiness and credit for young people

You already know that banks calculate creditworthiness very carefully, based on the criteria they choose. They prefer people who have been working for an indefinite employment contract for at least several years, receive a good salary, have a good credit history at GFI, and regularly pay their liabilities.

But you are young, you are twenty or several years old, you are just starting your professional career, so you work on a contract basis. Therefore, if you apply for a housing loan for young people, take care of your own contribution.

Remember, the higher your own contribution you declare, the higher the scoring you will get. Also, consider joining an additional borrower with good creditworthiness.

With parents who have been working on a contract of employment for years, you definitely have a better chance of getting a loan for young people for an apartment.

If you are a young marriage, you do not have children yet and you want to live on your own, it will be better to take a loan for two. In some banks, you can get a loan for young married couples on slightly more preferential terms.

You do not have a credit history, so you think that the bank will easily grant you a loan for an apartment for young people? So think about whether you would rather borrow a CD, book, phone or money to the person you know and know what to expect from it, or the one you see for the first time and do not know anything about it? Exactly.

A blank card does not work in your favor. The bank does not know if it can trust you, so it immediately assumes that the risk is higher. Think about shopping in installments.

An installment loan will help build your positive credit history, so it will be easier for you to apply for a higher loan amount. You don’t have a perfect credit history and you want to clear it? Read!

Credit for young people – how to look for offers?


The problem of contracts commonly referred to as “garbage trucks” is still large in Poland, which is why banks somehow had to adapt to market conditions.

As employers increasingly offer a mandate contract for a specific task, most banks do not reject such clients. Of course, you have to take into account that the bank will require a bit more formalities and credit decisions will not be immediate, but a positive response is possible.

If you want to check whether you have creditworthiness, start by calculating it in the loan calculator available on our website. You can then compare offers using the Sean Cole mortgage comparison tool.

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