Trenbolone is the name of a steroid that is anabolic in nature. It is supposed to be consumed along with the other steroids to derive the desired results. The results desired could be the bulking or the cutting.

If you have been trying to increase your body mass, then trenbolone may create the desired impact, only if it is consumed with some other forms too. While decreasing the body fat, it also takes care of many other body systems, if you stack it.

The results derived depend, as mentioned above, on the purpose you wish to consume the steroid for. Different bodies mean different needs and so does the doses.

Bodybuilder and trenbolone acetate

Enanthate and Trenbolone acetate are the two important drug forms that are consumed by bodybuilders the most. Be it preparing for a competition or for general attractive looks.

Here it is highly recommended that Trenbolone acetate and Enanthate should not be consumed by the athletes, who participate in different competitions. This is because, these steroids, when together, are very dynamic to create cardiovascular malfunctions. If an athlete has been consuming them, then they are equally prone to develop mentioned negative effects, even after stopping its use. That is why, it is said that this steroid is very powerful.


The dosage criteria as set for trenbolone is totally gender biased (pun intended). If you are a male, then the best is 200 – 600mg in a week of Trenbolone Enanthate.

If you are female, then doses between 50mg – 100mg in a week are just perfect. Females are suggested lesser doses, because of the enhanced levels of risk that may cause virile side effects.

It is strictly suggested to follow the right dosage, since excess consumption might result with causing side effects on the body.

Side effects

Enanthate is the version that is preferred against Trenbolone acetate. This is because use of Enanthate is equal to lesser needle pricks and higher effects. Trenbolone is rarely noted amongst the users of steroids.

Yes, Enanthate has longer life, but this longer life means it penetrates in the bloodstream efficiently. If this steroid is consumed for longer durations or in the doses that are higher than the prescribed dosage, then – regards to you.

Some commonly registered side effects are:-

  • Excessive aggression
  • Lower self control over emotions
  • Darker urine
  • Kidney issues
  • Lactation amongst men

Prevention is better than cure. Consume right to derive the desired results.

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