Apply for a Credit Card Now or Later? Here’s the Answer

Nowadays credit cards are not just a means of payment, but can also be called a lifestyle. In addition to the many advantages in the form of promotions, credit cards also offer convenience in payment. Not a few of us also ignore the effects of credit cards when used improperly.

The most important thing in using a credit card is intelligence and maturity in using it. Using a credit card requires emotional intelligence and maturity.

Credit cards are essentially cards that make it easy to conduct transactions. With a credit card, users will get quick access so that banks can provide funds. However, there are conditions, which is quite a large interest charged to the user.

From there it can be concluded that by using a credit card, user debt will increase. If the plan to return the debt is not mature, it will become a snowball that will endanger the financial condition. Therefore, intelligence is needed in managing finances.


1. Is Financial Condition Safe?

Therefore, there are a number of things that must be considered if you will and are dealing with credit cards. What are these things?

First, for those of you who don’t have a credit card, it’s a good idea to undo those intentions if you really don’t need them. If you don’t need it too much, don’t apply for a credit card. Because after all life will be more comfortable without debt.

Second, for those of you who will try to have a credit card, choose a credit card issuing bank that has many benefits, such as free annual fees and applying a small fine. We may also consider issuing banks that provide many promos such as cheap flights. That way, we will have its own advantages when having a credit card.

It can be concluded, a credit card is like a blade that has two sharp edges. We can get hurt if we use it wrong. Conversely, we will have many advantages if we can use it well.

It’s not wrong to have a credit card, but it’s good to note a few things that can be considered in determining when to use a credit card. Here are four things to consider.

Before using or deciding to have a credit card, it’s good to pay attention to financial conditions. It should also be noted whether the financial condition is good or bad. This indication can be seen from the amount of the budget for saving and investment. The greater the budget for investment and savings each month, the better the financial condition.


2. Do you travel often?

travel loans

If you travel a lot on business or business, this will have its own advantages if you have a credit card. Because with a credit card, we can save on transportation costs, especially flights with promos that many credit card issuing banks provide.


3. Supporting Business

loan Business

Have a credit card when running a business. Because having a credit card will be a distinct advantage for business people. Especially to get additional capital quickly.


4. Get Additional Benefits

You can calculate to have a credit card if the card has additional benefits. For example, the card benefits the activities carried out, especially those related to transactions. In addition to points to be collected, there may also be attractive promotions offered by credit cards.

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Placing Which Is More Priority

credit cards

Choosing to have a credit card is a very dilemma. Therefore, use priority scale in determining it. Whether it’s decisive to have as a step to fulfill basic needs economically. Or also determine to use it later when conditions allow. Everything back to you who decided which of course is based on careful consideration.

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