4 Things That Make Lite Credit Cards Worth Consider

Islamic credit cards are relatively new when compared to conventional types of credit cards. Perhaps because following the Lite -based lifestyle that began to be widely applied by the public made banks bring up many Lite -based products.

At first there were only Lite -type savings products available at banks, but now there are also many who provide Lite -type credit cards. The existence of this Islamic credit card in order to meet the needs of the Muslim community to transact in Lite .

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1. Interest-free

interest free

Unlike conventional credit cards that apply interest as well as fines borne by customers. Islamic bank credit cards do not charge interest to their customers. Instead of the interest, the customer will only be fined.

Fines obtained from Islamic bank credit card customers will not be put in a cash bag at the bank as in conventional credit cards. The fines will be collected and then donated to important humanitarian activities. Indirectly, you also help people who are less able to pay fines from Islamic credit cards.


2. Using the Principles in Accordance with Islamic Lite

credit card

As the name implies. The principle starts from loan, guarantor, transactions with foreign currencies, and annual fees.

All these principles are in accordance with Islamic law so that they will not be considered usury. Many people who run the Shari’a life but hesitate to use conventional credit cards because the interest is fairly usurious. With this Islamic credit card, you who have a shari lifestyle can still take advantage of the convenience of a credit card.


3. Lower Costs, Islamic credit cards provide lower fees

credit cards

Islamic credit cards provide lower fees compared to conventional credit cards. This itself is still related to the ijarah agreement. The ijarah agreement is a routine fee and must be paid by the card holder as a form of compensation for services provided by the credit card issuer.

Islamic banks usually charge these fees based on the value of the transaction. So the amount of fees or fees that will be paid differ each month. Of course the more transactions are carried out then the costs to be paid will be even greater.

Although large, the nominal value is still lower than that costs that you must pay on a conventional card. This is enough to help those of you who object to the costs of conventional cards.


4. Many Facilities

credit cards

Many are worried that the facilities provided by Islamic credit cards are limited when compared to conventional credit cards. However, now there are many Islamic credit card issuing banks that provide the same facilities as conventional credit cards. For example paying electricity, paying water bills, paying for the telephone, buying plane tickets, booking hotels, to shopping at supermarkets or merchants.

But please note, Islamic credit cards cannot be used to buy goods or services that are not allowed in Islam. An example is buying alcoholic drinks. This can also prevent you from various behaviors that are prohibited by Islam.


Feel the Benefits of a Lite Credit Card

Credit Card

In addition to the system in accordance with Islamic law, Islamic credit cards also provide many other benefits, ranging from shopping promos, price discounts, cashback and others. This advantage can certainly make users more economical in financial spending. However, still use Islamic credit cards wisely, from purchasing goods to paying credit card bills. If it is not well controlled, it can lead to accumulated debt bills.

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