Whelen lights are designed and manufactured illumination lights meant for aviation, mass notification and automotive emergency lighting. It is all the result of technological advancement and progressive thinking resulting that paves the way for strobe technology. The powerful sirens, lights, much advanced LED technology enhances safety level all across the globe. Whelen emergency lights are mostly designed to be used for emergency situations, to minimize any risk of injury.

Whether it is residential complex or commercial property, such lights are used extensively. These lights are extremely useful when it comes to reducing panic or confusion. But, it is crucial to learn about the various kinds of emergency lights. Emergency lighting system is the chief necessity of any home or office complex. They are useful under situations when there is any power failure. Emergency lights are being used in office pathways and factory units so that people can see each other. They are best meant for pathways, stairs and towing areas.

Each kind of emergency light is unique

There are various kinds of emergency lights or lighting system available and each kind has different usage and features. Each type of emergency light has different mode of operation. Most lights are installed and fixed to the walls of pathways resulting to sufficient illumination. The ones used on the stairs, pathways or high risk areas must be checked regularly.

Well, taking about the mode of operation. Such lights may be recharged by electricity or power or can be battery operated. Some lights are portable while others have to be fixed onto the walls. When you are out for camping trip, you may use portable emergency lights. Not only do they offer high visibility but also the lights are easy to operate.

Emergency lights for escape routes

Exit paths make extensive use of emergency exiting lights. Without such lights, it will not be possible for one to move out of the building safely. Escape route lights are such fixtures that contain floor mounted LED lights to prevent people from getting disoriented. If there is any emergency, such lights prove great help. Lights also show direction to the travelers or guide towards the correct path. They are used in malls, movie theaters and corporate houses.

What is high risk LED lighting?

High risk LED lights are such lights used amid emergency situation. Such fixtures are used extensively in industrial and manufacturing facilities. Company personnel may shut down the equipments and machines when they malfunction or pose a threat suddenly. Safety lighting may also help to shut down operation in a safe manner. They may exit the space if necessary or if there is any emergency situation.

Standby lighting to help continue the activity 

They are such lighting fixtures that may help to continue activities when there is any power failure or any emergency. Standby lighting is used extensively in hospitals, fire stations and such facilities where services have to continue. They may run even when there is power outage. As the named units offer critical services, the installation of standby lighting is must. They are powered by generators, batteries and so the units get switched on immediately when there is power outage.

Anti-panic lighting to help people evacuate the space

Anti-panic lighting or open air lighting helps people to empty the space or evacuate the space quickly. The one emptying the space may easily reach the escape route to move out of the property. The lights are very useful and are used in stadiums, auditoriums and also sports arena. The open air lighting comprises several floodlights, powered by battery packs and generators. The lights are extremely efficient and also help in crowd control.

Lights for various purposes

Emergency lights may be used for camping, hiking and for other purposes like in homes. When any emergency arises, requiring the use of lights, emergency lights may be used. If there is any emergency, the light can be used. Emergency lights should be kept in the home and must be inspected from time to time.

Is there frequent load shedding?

Whelen emergency lighting solutions light up when there is any power outage. In the third world countries, such lights are used commonly. People facing load shedding can use them. In the third world countries, the lights are used commonly and are a necessity for any of the residents.

Preventing people from getting lost in the pathways and stairways

Energy saving emergency lights is used in staircases and pathways to prevent people from getting lost. They may also be used when there is some natural calamity to ease the rescue operation going on. People are guided to the exit point with their use. People have also saved their lives as the lights helped them to get out of the building in the event of a fire breakout. It may happen that there is an emergency power cut or breakdown of power lines. Emergency lights prove very helpful under such situation. Work may continue without any interruption with the use of such lights.

LED lighting solutions for emergency situations

Emergency lighting has revolutionized now and has undergone huge changes. LED lighting systems are energy efficient and have many advantages. They are brighter, smaller, energy efficient, cost efficient, long lasting and cooler solution. The lights are greener solution and a great alternative to lights that are non-rechargeable.

Highly adaptable LED lights are meant for a variety of applications and situations. When the normal power breaks down, emergency lighting solutions prove handy. Use them as warning lights or for illumining pathways during rescue operations.

When the building needs to be evacuated, the exit points must have emergency lights. Well lit exits can facilitate easy evacuation. It is LED lights that do not heat up and are much easier to handle. They may also be used for illumining outdoors when you are out for cycling, hiking and other activities.

There may be several other kinds of Whelen emergency lights (you can see few here at https://apexwarning.com/ ). It all depends on your needs and applications. The long lasting lights are too much sought after. The lights are of versatile nature and emit beams of higher intensity. Hence, the lights are important when you want to safeguard a premise.

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